Health and Wellness

The Algarve is an excellent choice for all those who like taking the opportunity on holiday not only to rest, but also to take care of themselves in a peaceful environment.

Immerse yourself in the water, let it relieve stress, treat skin problems, rejuvenate you, and restore general wellbeing and health. These are tempting propositions which are ever more sought after.  You have a choice between fresh water treatments in the Monchique Thermal Spa, and salt water treatments in thalassotherapy centres. 

All guarantee water of exceptional quality and modern facilities, with hotels specially dedicated to health and physical wellbeing, offering the broad and global concept of Health through Water (“Saúde Pela Água” in Portuguese, or SPA).  Spread across the region, these hotels offer a great variety of conventional and alternative therapies, with special treatment for the face and body, as well as massages and beauty treatments, all contributing to total regeneration and revitalisation.

For those who prefer a more rustic setting with a more intense relationship with nature and more intimate treatment, there are relaxation farms where you can savour typical Algarvian dishes and enjoy outdoor pursuits.

In the Algarve, there are options for healthy holidays combined with relaxation.